Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

The world is not simply transforming; it is evolving increasingly complex as the global pool of information expands and becomes eternally surplus vulnerable. Students “live in a society that is dramatically much more complex than it was barely a few years ago.”We must have an education system that is structured well for all students, regardless of background or community; have the opportunity, not only to reach their own goals but to contribute to our knowledge-based society. Education is about more than just individual prosperity, it also serves the public good. The fabric of a knowledge-based society is built around individuals with the ability to use the information and continuously adapt to a rapidly changing globe. We also believe that in this new world, students must learn to be creative and how to innovate with the information that is so readily available.

To fulfil the purpose in a more enriched way, It's my pleasure and pride to invite you to Jharkhand leading Knowledge Hub, Nikhileshwar Institute of banking & Management that provides one of the best coaching and guidance for those students preparing for Banking, SSC, MBA, Rly and other PSU organization for further advancement of their career. Time spent in school and college would further be enhanced when you have peers coming from all parts and all walks of life. This is what makes this Institute different; for three decades our team in centre and outside has continued to nurture this uniqueness. Our resource Planners are engaged in three aspects; Teaching, Research and instilling motivation. We are also well averse and vulnerable to the technological advances that keep changing from time to time and apply the relevant information technology for providing a technologically sound environment to the students. In a remarkably short period, the world and its people, economies, and cultures have become inextricably connected, driven largely by the Internet, innovations in mobile computers and devices, and low-cost telecommunications technology. We have overwhelmed such technological advances and adopted the techno-driven tools that can be of much help to provide an innovative & congenial learning environment for students and help them in reaching their goals in much proximity. Instead of achieving the milestone for the students, we have been appreciated and acknowledged by many awards and recognitions, to count some of them are Jharkhand No 1 coaching Institute, Jharkhand Ratna, Jharkhand Seva Gaurav and many more. The more we get these recognitions, the more we feel our responsibilities and duties towards providing a Knowledge-based society are heightened.

Overall, I must say that we are committed to empower and inspire students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and comprehensive program to recognize and optimize their entire potential.


“Value and foster superior levels of educational participation and academic success among all students.”

Reaching out to and including all populations, we strive to provide an affordable and unprecedented learning experience in a supportive and caring environment that leads students to complete their goals. Supplementary, the vision of the institute can be explained in the following ways:

Our principal distinction will be high-quality coaching and instruction. The educational experience will feature successful learning in areas as varied as basic skills, academic courses, retooling of job skills, Learning opportunities will extend to a broad array of courses and programs to offer any student a pathway to educational and career success.

We will continue to reach out to all people, especially to those communities that encounter barriers to education; develop sustainable campuses and sites to better serve students and neighbourhoods; diversify and improve programs and services for the benefit of the community; build partnerships with the public, private, and community-based agencies to better respond to educational, economic, environmental, and societal needs; foster the participation of our faculties, students and employees in community life; and welcome students from all around. Committed to lifelong educational opportunities for all, we will exchange expertise and innovation with colleagues in the state, the nation and the world.

In our community, respect and trust are common virtues, and all people are enriched by diversity and multicultural understanding. We will maintain a supportive, positive, and productive working environment for our diverse faculty and staff, as well as a responsive environment in which student needs are met in a friendly, timely, and caring manner.


Excellence teaching and guidance to the students who strive to prepare for the Banking, SSC, Rly and other PSU examinations in a technology-driven studious environment.